5 Best WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress is a PHP and database driven blogging platform which has always been targeted by hackers. There are several plugins for WordPress which have been very useful to prevent hacking.

Whenever we talk about tightening up the WordPress security, we usually recommend some basic security tips like use of backup plugins, implementing reCAPTCHAtest, secure WordPress directory browsing. Sometimes, it might not be possible to do all these tasks at once. The below mentioned WordPress security plugins help you take care of all the WordPress security measures (basic and advanced).

Best WordPress security plugins:

  1. WordPress Antivirus: WordPress Antivirus is one of the best security plugins available for WordPress. It scans WordPress theme for any permalink backdoor malware. It also scans all the theme files for vulnerabilities like malware injections and notifies you via email if it finds any threat.
  2. Acunetix WP Security: It is an exceptional security analyzer for WordPress which offers multiple features to check the WordPress CMS for any modified files within a specified range. You can also improve the security of your website by hiding confidential WordPress information. It informs you about the invalid login attempts and also lets you change WordPress file permission. It also allows you to change the default WordPress database prefix with just a click.
  3. Exploit Scanner: Exploit Scanner searches for the files on your website, posts / comments of the database table and highlights all the suspiciouscodes. It also inspects the list of active plugins for uncommon filenames.
  4. TAC (Theme Authenticity Checker): TAC scans the source files of the installed themes for any signs of malicious code. If any such code is found, it displays the path to that particular theme file, line number and a tiny snippet of the suspicious code. It also searches for static links and displays them.
  5. Wordfence Security: The plugin scans for the files which have been hacked and observes the entry of visitors to your blog. It comprises a firewall, virus scanner and a new cache engine that secures your website from malicious attacks. It also secures your blog from robots trying to affect your site.

It’s not required to keep these plugins active all the time. But it’s a good practice to run these plugins at least once in a while to make sure that your WordPress website is not hacked by anyone or it doesn’t contain any malicious code.

If you are thinking to use any of these plugins to detect malicious code on your blog/website, it’s suggested to do following things before using the plugin:

  1. Update your present WordPress website to latest version.
  2. Update all the themes and plugins to latest version.
  3. Delete the plugins and themes that you are not using.
  4. Login to your WordPress admin and check for recently modified files.

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