Almost One-Third of the Websites are Running WordPress 4.1

Recently, a leading WordPress developer announced about the major update to the WordPress version stats, MySQL and PHP.  But the stats page looks the same as before; change is that the most sophisticated method of collecting and processing the data have been put in a place. We can see a dramatic shift as the result in the data report.   

One of the remarkable differences is the number of sites running the latest version of WordPress. Before the update was launched, it had been reported that just 10% of the websites were running on the latest version; but now, almost after eliminating the data for the websites which are no longer online, almost about 36% of the websites are running on the latest version.

Few websites still abiding WordPress 3.0

  • A few major transformations in the data show that there are some sites which are still remaining on WordPress 3.0 which was released in the year 2010.  According to a report, the percentage sites which were running on 3.0 were 16%; but now it says it’s just 2.27%.
  • Same is the case with the usage of PHP 5.2. Earlier it was reported that the usage rate was 31.76% and now it’s just 16.60%. This is mainly because of the elimination of sites that haven’t pinged

One-sixth of all the websites running PHP 5.2

  • Also, the outlook of PHP version usage is no longer desolate as it was before; Even though just one sixth of all the websites are running PHP 5.2, this one sixth itself reaches millions in number. So if we move out PHP minimum versions too early, we would be the risk for millions of installs on older WordPress versions. So it is still in discussion that whether to PHP 5.2 is kept as the minimum version.
  • This new stats will be a welcome for many who are involved in updating and supporting WordPress sites. But there are several commenters who requested for a more detailed cross of PHP version. The project continues to work with hosting companies to try to update the PHP version offering to 5.4 or more. The process seems to be slow but it’s really necessary for it to be done before WordPress would raise the minimum required PHP version.

For now, the number of users on PHP 5.2 is really high to consider a minimum requirement change. It is still in research phase at present and lots of hosts have been very receptive and proactive with this area.

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