5 Must have Smarter and Productive Android Apps for Your New Smartphone

15 September 2014

Toronto: Welcome to your gleaming new Android phone! It’s certain that new phones can feel a little overwhelming initially, but you must feel comfy in no time. Of course, your Android phone came packed with many of Google’s own apps, like Google Maps and Google Keep, but to really use your new device, you must head to the Google Play store for some killer apps.

These 5 are must-haves applications for any Android phone.

1. Contacts+

Contacts+ is one of the most functional apps on my phone. Just as Aviate sorts out your apps by categories, Contacts+ sorts out the wide array of real people for whom you have contact numbers, emails and social media profiles.

Tap on a name in your Contacts+ directory and you are offered with frequent options for contacting that person, including Twitter, text, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and even telephone. If you have an address for your contact, you can tap the Google Maps icon and obtain directions to them.

2. Lumosity

While there are a lot of fitness apps out there to keep your body in shape, the Lumosity app from Lumos Labs offers workouts for your brain.            

Lumosity was developed by neuroscientists to improve users’ memory, mental flexibility, attention, and speed and problem solving.

The app customizes it mental challenges to whatever the user would like to build up. Under “memory”, users can select training that would enable them to lose lesser objects,keep in mind people’s names, discover new subjects swiftly, or keep track of several thoughts. Choices under “attention” are to avoid disturbances, concentrate better, enhance productivity and accuracy, or focus longer on vital tasks. There are 4 options under speed and problem solving, mental flexibility, but you get the common idea.

Lumosity runs users through about 5 mental exercises prior to declaring their training over for the day, which is an excellent reminder to employ your sharpened brain for the challenges in life.

3. Yahoo Aviate

Aviate is an Android launcher that Yahoo obtained in January. Android launchers mainly make it simpler for users to access apps and features from their devices. This sounds overwhelming, but the precise launcher can actually enhance your smartphone experience.

And Aviate will be the exact launcher for a lot of Android users, mainly those who wear out of the unmanageable displays and features on phones that have been changed by manufacturers under their license agreement with Google.

Aviate stands out at organizing your apps in an insightful manner. It groups apps by category, so the productivity apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote are all in one place at the top of the screen, rather than being combined in alphabetical order or by frequency of use.

Below that are categories for music, entertainment, social and transit apps. Users start the set-up process by picking their 10 most important apps together with the 5 vital apps categories. After that, Aviate takes over

Aviate also feeds contextual information to users all through the day, beginning when they get up and the app automatically displays them how long they have slept, together with the day’s news and weather. During work hours, Aviate presents a screen with productivity apps, event listings, and directions to the user’s home. Aviate automatically gives users the latest local traffic conditions on the road and directions back home.

Aviate is eye-catching yet trouble-free home screen replacement for Android phones. It’s perfect for those who need a less messy interface but are still looking for the same access to widgets and apps you would get from numerous home screens. Like Yahoo’s other applications, the interface is clean, simple and colorful.

4. Mobile Backup & Restore    

Some apps are important as users trust in them each day. Others are costly even if they are barely ever used – as they aid avoid disaster.

Trend Micro’s Mobile Backup & Restore falls into the final class. This free Android application generates copies of whatever you request it to and keeps them in the cloud till you require them.

This backup app needs you to build an account after download. Once you do, you can choose what the back up from the below categories: Calendar, Contacts, Call History, Photos, Text History, Music and Videos.

Backup and Restore gives only 50 MB of free online storage space, so you must use it for smaller text and contact files.  You can set Backup and Restore to back up designated files automatically on a daily or weekly basis, plus transfer files to another devices.

5. Smart Voice Recorder

There are many voice recorder apps for Android, but Smart Voice Recorder is the best by Smartmob Development. The app icon is usually kept on the homescreen  for easy access when users need to record a thought , an interview or a conference session.

Smart Voice Recorder has a very easy user interface and a “silence skipper” option, so dead time is not recorded. Once you have recorded something and saved it, you can rename the file, set it as a notification, ringtone or alarm, and share it by means of Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Gmail, text and email. That’s all what a Smart Voice Recorder does, but it does those things fine.

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