9 Excellent Accessories that Inflate your iPhone’s Value

10 December 2014

Toronto: The beautiful iPhone glittering in your hand has made your world more productive and fast-paced while adding a lot of fun. Just like an ideal scarf can make your outfit look different in the crowd, an accessory paired up with the iPhone too can take your device to an extreme comfort making it look more stylish.

Here are the 9 best iPhone accessories:

  1. Anker MP141 Bluetooth speaker: The Anker MP141 speaker renders a vigorous sound quality with natural overtones through a 2-inch speaker. It is capable of providing 20 hours of playback before recharging. The Anker MP141 uses Bluetooth 4.0 and works with almost any smartphone including iPhone 6 and 6 plus.
  2. Monoprice battery backup and LED flashlight: Now you don’t have to be waiting in a place to charge your iPhone. You can just plug in your USB cable to this backup device and connect it to your iPhone to charge it anywhere on the go. The device features 5200mAh capacity and is enough to charge your iPhone fully for at least twice. It also has LED flashlights, so you don’t have to grope on the door lock in dark. Blue LED lights on the left side of the device indicate the charging status.
  3. Quad-lock iPhone 6 and 6 plus bike mount: Bike mount for iPhone 6 is the strongest and lightest iPhone 6 mount kit which is provided with everything you need. Though there are many bike mounts in the market, most of those mounts position themselves in the landscape mode taking up a lot of space. But, the quad lock bike mount stands out in this by positioning itself in portrait mode. The case is made of durable plastic which snaps into the mount while resisting sweat and water.
  4. IOttie Easy 1 touch car mount: Easy one touch mounting system is the best option for you to use while travelling in your car. It locks and releases your device with just a push of finger. The super sticky gel pad sticks securely to the surface of your dash board and is easily removable. It features two step locking lever which offers additional mounting support.
  5. Klipsch R6i in-ear headphones: It is a noise cancelling in-ear headphone with 3-button remote and a Mic. It offers matchless comfort for the wearers as it is patented with oval ear tips. The “i” in the name denotes its compatibility with iOS, so that you can control the volume, playback, and also answer phone calls on your iPhone by using in-line remote and microphone.
  6. Elago Apple iPhone premium privacy protection film: In today’s world identity theft, it’s more important than ever to secure the information on your phone. The Elago Apple iPhone premium privacy filter is a cost-friendly way to keep your identity secured and also to protect your display. You can’t see anything that is being displayed, unless you view straight on to the screen.
  7. Sony DSC-QX10 NFC enabled phone lens for iPhone 6: If your iPhone’s camera is not quite enough for you, try using this 20 mega-pixel camera add-on from Sony which can be used by attaching to the iPhone. It is a standalone lens with 30x optical zoom, where your iPhone’s screen acts as the camera’s view finder. The pair can even operate independently while helping you get the best possibleshot.
  8. Optoma PICO pocket projector: Optoma’s PICO pocket projector is a handy accessory which can be connected to your iPhone to view the videos and photos by just pointing your iPhone’s lens on to a blank surface.
  9. Logitech harmony home hub: Logitech harmony home hub serves as a universal remote for almost all the entertainment devices in your home. It lets you control about eight devices using your iPhone.The special feature of device is that it detects devices even behind the closed doors. All that you need to do is, to download iOS app from the app store and follow the detailed configuration process. Later, you can use your iPhone as a universal remote.

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