Adopt Mobile Internet Generation with 4 Wonderful Drupal Themes

4 May 2014

For business people, SmartPhone Internet age is like a mark of virtual extinction. They are facing inconsiderate reduction in actual visits at their websites. But, it sounds risky. But, the hazards from SmartPhone Internet period are exaggerated in nature. Conversely, it is like a chance to chase your potential customers, particularly when they will not be employing usual Internet enabled devices like laptop and desktop computer. The Drupal users can gain from this condition by employing few mobile supported themes.

You can study about such practical themes in forthcoming lines.

1. SQ: Square Metro Theme

Recognized for chic design, Square Metro Theme is apt for branding, promoting, and digital marketing agencies. By utilizing this theme, you will be capable of catering the necessities if your potential clients in a more scalable manner. It is a fresh and attractive theme, which allows you display your designs, artworks, and prior works in every Internet enabled mobile devices. Thus, you can employ this theme in your website.

2. Drupit

If you have loved the design style of pin board websites then this theme is going to grip your concentration. This striking theme turns your website into a virtual pin board. Your website visitors can understand the contents of a web post after clicking on the picture of the post. Significantly, it is appropriate for all touch-based devices like iOS and Android equivalent devices. It has an inherent bookmarklet, which allow you to find the contents from the web and share with your website users. Consequently, it will be a nice theme for your content rich website.

3. Real Estate Mobile Theme

This theme is very appropriate for real estate websites. With this theme, real estate agents can simply show their property listings to their Smart Phone using customers. Significantly, the patrons of this business domain have begun using SmartPhone devices for getting a good home. Hence, real estate agents can boost their business revenues quickly just by deploying this theme. It has exceptional features such as thumbnail browser, content filter, property comparison, agent profile and image browsing.

4. Retail Shop Drupal Mobile Theme

In case you are a lively online retailer then you will be surely facing the drop in customers from laptop and computer devices. By employing this theme in your website, you will be capable of catering your clients, right in their SmartPhone devices. It comes with inherent integration with Drupal Commerce Module. If you are seeking to give a boost to your online retail business organization then this theme will be an ideal tool for you. You just need to set up and activate this theme in your website.

The SmartPhone period has also influenced the news providing websites. These days, clients wish to employ mobile friendly websites. They just overlook reading the news contents using their laptop or computer. Hence, the Drupal using news websites can employ this theme. It comes with a clean CSS3 powered extremely readable layout.

You are free to pick your theme according to the special business domain of your association and take it to the subsequent level of consumer satisfaction and precisely as per the current web modulation. 

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