Android Apps to Get Faster and Smoother with Google’s Dart

14 May 2015

Toronto: In 2011, Google had unveiled about something called ‘Dart’. It is an open source programming language used to build apps. Usually the code for non-game Android applications is written using Java; but a team within Google is currently researching and experimenting on a new way to write Android apps using its in-house platform called Dart which doesn’t use Java. The group is using Sky development language actually a framework, which is based on Dart to start a new era of faster and responsive Android apps.

Android apps to get faster with Dart

  • Presently, the maximum frame rate for Android apps is set to 60 frames per second. However, all the apps which we use daily don’t run at 60 frames per second; but it seems like the things are going to be changed with Dart.
  • In future, a time may come where Android developers won’t be working with Java anymore but they start using Dart instead. So the developers need to learn the secrets of this new language to offer pretty cool user experience.
  • The biggest advantage of using Dart is that the developers will be able to build apps that run at 120 frames per second which is double than what we are currently seeing. However according to the specialists, apps of this standard cannot be displayed on the normal smartphone screens of today.
  • But the team has created a demo app and it renders entire frames for every 1.2 milliseconds which is much lesser than 8 milliseconds required for 120 fps. So even the most complicated applications must also be able to fit within this limit.

What is Sky and how does it work?

  • Sky is an open source framework which gives the top priority to user interface than any other processes. So, the apps built on Sky must stay smooth even when it is running in the background.
  • Sky runs on the top of Dart virtual machine; so the applications built using Dart not only runs on Android but also on the other operating systems that use Dart virtual machine.
  • As Dart is a web app language, code of the apps built on Sky will be stored on a web server which means updating the code will be much easier. Developers don’t have to update the code on each device; they can just do it on the web server.
  • Naturally, a framework can never be so perfect so as to say “it’s all rainbows and butterflies”. There are some cons even in Dart; the apps cannot function without a proper internet connection. Also, initially the apps take some time to load as the phone needs to take app’s data from the server.
  • However these problems can be rectified if the team makes use of caching. So it takes some more time for us to see something palpable coming out from the Sky team.

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