Connect to a Customer Support Agent Directly from Within the App

13 July 2015

Toronto: It seems like Salesforce is extending its customer relationship management with the release of a new suite of products called Salesforce Service for Apps. With the release of the new suite, the company has also made the previously announced Salesforce SOS for Apps available generally. According to Salesforce, the main aim of these products is to contextualize improved customer support functions like live video chat with a customer service agent into mobile applications. A recent research shows that nearly 40% of the customer interactions are happening through mobile devices. But just 5% of those interactions are being resolved on the very first interaction.

Here are 5 main components of ‘Service for apps’:

  1. Chat for Apps: Using this service, the user can send a text message to an agent directly without having to leave the app so that the agent can clearly understand the context. For instance, a mobile gamer can chat with a support agent for any real-time advices on the gaming techniques; the agent will have a clear idea about the game or level that the gamer is inquiring about.
  2. Tap-to-Call for Apps: With this component, the users will be able to call a support agent if you have to inquire about anything. The best feature of this component is that you don’t have to leave the app to call; the call will be invoked directly from the app. This ensures users that they have dialed a right number. The information about the current status of the app will also be passed to the agent so that he’ll get an idea of what the customer wants to know.
  3. Knowledge for Apps: ‘Knowledge for apps’ lets users access the knowledge bases from within the app directly. For example, a user may want to know more about the app or about any feature that he’s not aware. In such situations, the relevant information or FAQ’s will be displayed in the app before connecting the customers to an agent.
  4. Cases for Apps: This allows users to create and monitor the cases within the app. The customer can also use the device’s camera and location to provide some additional details. The customer will also receive a notification once the case is resolved. The support agents can also use this component to manage the cases or to escalate the case to the experts.
  5. Salesforce SOS for Apps: If at all the users are not satisfied with above mentioned services, they can make a video call to the agent. You can also share your screen with the agent to explain him what exactly is the problem so that he can understand the problem and resolve it as soon as possible.

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