Incorporating the YouTube Upload Plugin into WordPress

29 July 2013

Toronto: The YouTube upload plugin lets you to add videos easily to your website and harness the social media power of YouTube. There are numerous benefits of adding video to your website including social media marketing and increasing the time users spend on your website. Video enables you to get in touch with customers in a more personal way and promote your website or product.

Adding videos to your WordPress website has become an easy process. The YouTube upload plugin is free and easy to set up so that you can create/record and then upload videos via your WordPress Dashboard to your YouTube channel.

To set up the plugin follow these steps:

  • Go to download the latest version.
  • Install the YouTube upload plugin either by using the plugins directory, or by uploading the files to your server.
  • After activating the plugin, a YouTube button will be above the post editor toolbar.

There are many benefits of the YouTube upload plugin:

  • You can search for videos on YouTube and insert them into your website.
  • You can also upload videos from your website to YouTube and add keywords and a title.
  • The YouTube upload plugin allows you to create a video using your webcam.

Why is the YouTube upload plugin important to video marketers?

Video marketers are taking advantage of YouTube for many reasons. It is a free platform that is accessible by a wide audience. YouTube is the second most popular search engine and is owned by Google. You do not have to be an expert to benefit from video and using YouTube. YouTube lets you to reach customers by shares and good videos can become viral thus promoting your business on a wide scale.

It is significant to understand and know about the drawbacks of bad YouTube marketing. If you are new to video marketing then Training Hangout is an outstanding resource for you. You don’t want your video to become viral for the wrong reasons. By joining Training Hangout you will gain insight from marketing experts that will allow you to plan a booming YouTube marketing plan using the YouTube upload plugin.

How can you use the YouTube upload plugin?

Video is a brilliant way to get to customers and grow your visibility. When potential customers use YouTube as a search engine they are able to filter through a huge amount of videos to find what they are seeking. Potential customers are on YouTube seeking what you have to offer. Being smart about your keywords and learning how to give these users what they are seeking must be part of your social media marketing plan. You will gain respect and customers if video viewers feel they gain from your video.

Videos can be used in many ways. Some of the things YouTube users are looking for are:

  • How to videos – Do you have a talent you can share? By showing your knowledge in video you are able to gain the trust of potential customers and convert them to paying customers.
  • Product Presentations – People are looking for information. Users are seeking a product that can solve a problem for them. What can you offer to your customers to notify them of the benefits of what you have to offer?
  • Learn a skill – Users use YouTube to learn things. Are you able to provide helpful hints or tricks that you have learned in your area of expertise? Making a video that teaches something is an excellent way to connect via social media.

Video is gradually becoming the way customer reaches you. The advantages in regards to social media marketing are tremendous. You can learn more about video marketing by joining Training Hangout.

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