Joomla Application Development and its Importance in Web Development

1 July 2013


Toronto: Joomla has an unusual way of pleasing its users. We have seen that the flexibility and simplicity of the language has contributed positively to its growth. This is a free open source platform which gives top quality content management system along with other superior features. Joomla CMS is very useful in developing dynamic website sporting wonderful designs and user interface. Joomla has another benefit of offering extensions. You have several plug-ins, components and modules obtainable which are a huge benefit in producing advanced and feature-rich web sites. Apart from this, Joomla is written in PHP language. Moreover, the focus of this technology lies more on the side of content management which in fact comes as top priority in web development.


Creating a business website requires great effort, in-depth knowledge and state-of-the-art technology. In such a scenario picking a suitable, user friendly, feature rich development platform become more than a necessity. Most of the business websites feature a number of functionalities that are customer friendly. Giving an array of goodies is something which cannot be ignored as that is the base of business development. Here, the user wants to have a good looking and functional interface incorporated with ultra modern technologies. Thus, a web developer always looks forward to have fulfilled all these needs at the development stage itself. And so Joomla application development suits their bill comfortably, just like the PHP application development has become the most favored among web developers.


One can employ Joomla for great designing with its custom based templates together with integrated graphics. There is an advantage of easy configuration. One exceptional benefit of using this platform is its low maintenance cost. This is one thing each and every user wishes to have. And pointless to say, at the same time, it assures a great deal of security for PHP web applications. There is also no worry about the operating systems as it runs on different operating systems at ease. Another prominent point is that the websites created with the help of Joomla easily offers high quality risk management. This is why it has become a most preferred language for business websites such as online retail store websites and eCommerce websites.


It does not mean that it is only suitable for creating business web application development. We can see that a great number of community websites have been developed out of this platform. Websites such as social networking websites, eCommerce and business websites, job portals, all have tried their hand in this technology to get the best result. Using the built in tools offered by this technology itself help a good programmer to bring forth most dynamic websites. Features like chat, blog, search engine support, project tracking, document management, contact management, all add well to accomplish the goal of creating the most up to date virtual business environment. After going over these promising features, we may never be able to overlook Joomla as it has its own importance in web development and web application development, just like PHP application development.


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