Microsoft PowerApps: A New Solution for Mobile Development Woes

20 December 2015

Toronto: Today, the way we work is totally different from the way we used to work just a few years ago. People work on phones, laptops and tablets everywhere they go – may it be an airplane, manufacturing floor or anywhere.

The mobile revolution along with limitless data in the cloud has transformed the professional experience of people. Also, the apps which are being used for the business have been really slow to keep up the pace.

The apps are not optimized for mobile devices, they cannot be integrated to other services easily and they aren’t accessible when people need them the most. This is how the business app category lags behind the consumer app in terms of ubiquity and richness. This being the condition, Microsoft decided to launch PowerApps, an office-like service which allows an employee in the company to develop the business apps easily by taking the friction out of the development process.

Working closely with the customers, Microsoft has identified a few problems that could be sorted out in a way using PowerApps. Here are the three main problems:

  1. No skilled mobile developers: Gartner, a US based Market Research Company predicts that, within a couple of years, the demand for mobile app development services will be five time more than the internal organization’s capacity to provide them. There are no good developers in the market to keep up with the demand for business app scenarios.
  2. Business data proliferation: the business data proliferation has been too much these days that it’s spanning on the premises systems to SaaS clouds. Having the data stored on many systems, it’s really hard to connect to and extract the related data from an app.
  3. App sharing and IT agility: The distribution of mobile app typically happens through app stores or through an IT governed mobile device management. This creates a kind of inherent friction in getting apps onto the employee’s phones.

It’s really exciting that Microsoft PowerApps is being introduced as a unique solution for the above mentioned problems. It’s basically an enterprise service for innovators to connect, develop and share business apps with the team or any device in minutes. It also helps the employees to unlock new business agility.

PowerApps accelerates the app development process dramatically by reducing the time for solution from months or weeks to minutes and also empowers a new category of app creators. It also balances the power between IT and business users by providing appropriate tools and services not just to envision but also to implement the solution.

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