Pressgram: An Instagram-like Service that Posts Filtered Photos to Your WordPress Site

20 September 2013

Toronto: Pressgram has started on as an iPhone app and WordPress plugin that restore the Instagram experience while keeping photos within the WordPress community.

Put simply, Pressgram is for people who love Instagram more than Facebook. Blogging legend John Saddington brought the project to life with the help of a Kickstarter movement former this year.

The app itself works nearly the same as Instagram. You can snap photos, add filters and effects, and then post them for your followers to see. The major difference is that Pressgram comprises support for and self-hosted sites, so you can direct traffic to your own blog. The Pressgram WordPress plugin indicates a sole tag for your photos to keep them off the main page in case you want to post often without overwhelming your audience.

Pressgram also comes with Saddington’s commitment to keep the service free from advertising and allow users to keep full control of their own data. The app takes in a watermarking feature that lets you automatically put in a small copyright tag to your photos.

The service seems bound to appeal to a fairly niche audience at first, but it does have a shot at building the kind of magical community that Instagram was early on. The app needs a bit of work, though. If you sustain your own WordPress installation and are dissatisfied with how Facebook has managed Instagram since it took over and, Pressgram is specially made for you.

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