Save Significant Amount of Cash on Your Smartphone Bills Using These MVNOs!

24 February 2015

Toronto: Generally while choosing a wireless carrier, majority of the Americans go with Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon. But nowadays, users are getting attracted to T-Mobile’s cost-slashing moves. Also, the reluctance to look beyond some big things could cost you a bit more. Users might not be aware; but the host of different carriers in US which uses same networks as the big companies offer some serious discounts on your monthly bill. These carriers are nothing but the Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO).

Not in a particular order, we’ll just have a look at 6 MVNOs that could save cash on your smartphone bill:

  1. Ting: It is one of the most interesting choices of MVNOs. Ting offers the user with ‘pay as you go’ model. It classifies the usage by the number of buckets. For instance, the first 100 minutes is referred as 1 bucket and it would cost you around $3. The next bucket could cost $9 and the next one costs $18. There are certain buckets even for SMSs and mobile data usage; for this you need to pay a monthly fee of $6 for each device. The complete cost details are available on the website, but the Ting says that the average monthly cost per device is $21.
  2. Republic Wireless: It is a carrier which is integrated with a Wi-Fi connection. It reverts back to the cellular connection only when the Wi-Fi is not available. You may think that, if you live in an urban area and if you just pay $5 per month, you can make use of the Wi-Fi connection. But, the thing is that you cannot use Internet if the Wi-Fi is not available because of some technical errors. Nevertheless, this would be an ideal plan for a university student who lives in a campus. But, how much do you pay after the Wi-Fi plan, really depends on what exactly you need.
  3. FreedomPop: It is one more Wi-Fi centric carrier which is almost similar to Republic wireless. FreedomPop offers you a special plan in just $5 which just includes Wi-Fi connection. You can also avail texts, unlimited voice calls along with 500 MB data for just $11 per month. You can also extend the same plan up to an entire year by paying $80. There’s a $20 plan which offers unlimited everything over Sprint’s 4G network; but the data will be downgraded to 3G speeds after crossing 1 GB.
  4. Scratch Wireless: It is one more interesting carrier that follows ‘pay as you go’ approach just like Ting. But Scratch Wireless uses the concept of ‘passes’ instead of buckets. Here you can take daily pass for $2; this offers unlimited voice calls. You can pay another $2 to avail unlimited data for a day. You also have an option to take monthly pass for $25 that offers unlimited data and another $15 lets you make unlimited voice calls. The special ting about Scratch is that it doesn’t charge for SMS; it’s free under all the plans.
  5. MetroPCS: MetroPCS is an actual part of T-Mobile which offers standard prepaid packages as that of the mainstream carriers. But still you have chance to save your money, as MetroPCS offer unlimited texts and calls along with the data of 2 GB or unlimited data at the average speeds. Plans with 4 GB of LTE and unlimited LTE cost you $50 and $60 per month, respectively.
  1. RingPlus: RingPlus offers the most realistic plans for serious smartphone users. The plan is priced at $30 per month; this plan gets unlimited texts, 300 voice minutes, unlimited Wi-Fi calling along with 2 GB of data. It charges 6 cents extra for an MMS.

Switching to an MVNO is not ideal for everybody. Specially, if you live in an area where the networks like Sprint and T-Mobile offer good service, you can save some serious cash of yourself.

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